5 Ways to display your travels for free!

Travel Wall

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During your travels you should grab free maps you see. They make great borders for all of your pictures! Then grab some matting (which you can find from basically anyplace that sells picture frames). And wrap your matts with your map!

Coins in frame


No matter how careful you are, you’re always going to come back home with some sort of extra change from whichever country you went to. Instead of putting it in a drawer, put it on display! How fun to see the different coins from different countries!

Flowers in Frame


Ok, this one is illegal. It’s definitely not allowed to take any sort of local flora or fauna! However, I have done this in every country I have ever been to. I do always seem to be drawn to grabbing a couple of flowers and pressing them in my travel journal. Then I just get a frame from goodwill, some spray on adhesive, and boom! Free ways to compare plants from different countries!

World map


Here I have a tutorial about how I did this project! Now anytime I go somewhere, I just put a little nail on the country!

Booze shelf!


Buy a bottle of hooch and put it on your shelf! You’ll look so well traveled when friends come over for a drink! Wait, where did that Limoncello go??

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