Concrete Map

Concrete tape some cheap canvases

I start my process out at At Home. Not for inspiration, but when the canvas art goes on sale for 75% off that makes the canvases about $5 a piece. That price is WAY cheaper than buying canvases from an art store. So no matter how much I mess it up I don’t have to feel guilty for wasting something expensive. I tape on some concrete tape for added support.

Pour on the concrete!

I mix the concrete together with some concrete bonding additive so make it adhere better. I also. noticed this helps slow down the drying time. I generally don’t use Quikrete with art projects because in my opinion the concrete already dries way too fast! But in this case you’re just pouring it on and maybe tilting the canvases to let the water pull around the concrete in neat shapes and textures.

Concrete looks so cool once it’s dried!

Next I let the concrete dry and the next morning it looked great! This was the easy part though! Now I needed to find a 3’x3′ map that fit the inside of this map evenly. I couldn’t seem to find one anywhere, so I went around my school to all the history teachers rooms and when no one was there I traced one of the maps. Then I took it home and cut out the pieces and traced it onto my own map.

For the inside of the continents I added brown paint, black paint, and even some water based stain for good measure. I did lots of samples until I found the color I wanted. Then I ruined a crummy little paint brush applying it to the canvas.