Tide Pod Cocktail

It all started with a road trip my fiance and I took to Wisconsin. We were talking about the Tide Pod fad and how warning kids about it on social media was probably just getting them to do it more. I googled it and there were Tide Pod cookies and cupcakes people were also making as a reaction. My fiance said, “yeah, maybe we should ask for a Tide Pod martini at the bar?” And I said there was no way there was a tide pod martini! So like any good millenial, I googled it. And sure enough, nothing. We decided all we would need in order to make a Tide Pod martini, was to make a pina colada and add something with blue and orange half moons. I searched Amazon and we found these ice cube trays.

Don’t fill all the way up or they will not float flat. Remeber they are going to expand in the freezer too.

These were the second dumbest thing I’ve purchased off of Amazon since I got a 2 raincoats to make snackets. Once the ice cube trays came in it was just blue gatorade with a little dye, and orange juice with a little dye. Alcohol do not work well in the ice cube trays because they will not freeze well, so that part at least has to be juice.

Here’s what you’ll need

1 c. Crushed ice

2 oz Cream of coconut

1 1/2 oz Clear Rum

1/2 frozen banana (instead of yellow pineapple) You can use other white frozen fruits too! Frozen pears, or lychees have worked great! Just make sure there are equal parts  sour and sweet in your beverage.

1 oz lime juice


Blend together ingredients and put your ridiculous blue and orange half moons on as garnish! NOW you have a tide pod that won’t stop you from breathing or damage your central nervous system! (unless you drink too many).


If you haven’t noticed, the tide pod colors have changed to a green base and blue and white on the top! Stay tuned for next week’s mint basil Tide Pod mojito!