Bathroom Renovation


The storage room, the dog room, or the crap room. This room had many names for the two years I owned my home, and every time guests came over it was the first door I quickly closed before they came inside the house. Now that this room has been turned into a bathroom it is the first thing I want to show off. I had a vision for this bathroom that changed quite a bit over time. One thing that never changed was my vision for the tiles and the clawfoot bathtub.

Here is what the project cost me:

Clawfoot Tub on Craigslist: $250

Old Dresser on Craigslist: $50

Discount tiles: 69 cents a piece x 55= $38

Awesome polyurathane paint so the paint won’t chip off of the tiles: $40

Toilet: $80

2 Hanging Copper lights: $120

White Bowl Sink: $52

Mirror: $47

Copper faucet: $69

New Clawfoot Tub Faucet: $58

Chalk paint for trim and tiles: $15

Tub and Tile epoxy paint for tub: $26

1 gallon Beluga whale white flat paint: $25

Copper paint for copper accents: $12

2-Custom see-through bamboo curtains from Windowblind Outlet ๐Ÿ™‚ : $200

Barn Door Menards: $75

Plumbing installation for a room with no plumbing: Priceless

(Just kidding, that part cost about $5,000)

Amount not counting Plumbing Installation $1,136

I was of course met with lots of doubt throughout this project. “Buy a real bathtub, don’t refinish one,” “get it professionally refinished, you can’t do that,” “you’re handpainting your tiles? How long are those going to last?” “Buy a sink, and put in a shower, no one will want a bathtub and dresser when you sell it” “Copper looks too much like brass and it won’t look good” “Keep the vanity wood, don’t paint it.” “White? Won’t that look boring?” “Dark Gray? Won’t that close the space off?” “Don’t keep the dresser it will be too cluttered” “Do keep the dresser, it will look great but don’t paint it” The list of haters is endless and I’m sure their intentions were good but I regret nothing! Believe it or not the biggest question people asked me when they learned I was turning it into the bathroom was, “Are you going to get rid of the windows so people cannot see inside?” Almost as if they had never seen a curtain or a blind in their entire lives. That being said, our bamboo curtains do currently have some issues at certain parts of the day (ie. nighttime)ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ But nothing that cannot be fixed with an extra shade underneath.

Down below is a video my friend and fiance made me after they put up the shades while I was in Texas. Please enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone had an opinion on what I should do. The only advice I took was probably my fiance’s who said “you should paint the bathroom white” and “a barn door would look nice.” These were two tips which made the bathroom look absolutely stunning.

As you can see this was not a bathroom before. Therefore, I had to hire a contractor to do the plumbing and a little bit of the electricity. While he was working on that I was refinishing the bathtub, the vanity, and painting the tiles. All of which I have blogged about here: CLAWFOOT TUB,ย DRESSER TO VANITY, and TILES TILES TILES.

Here is what the bathroom looked like when the plumbing was getting installed:

Just look at all of that potential ๐Ÿ™‚

Another source of contention was a faux brick wall. This was a tough decision because the house has a real 118 year old brick chimney running through it. Adding a faux brick wall seemed a little bit like smacking God right in the face, but I did it anyway and was pretty pleased with the results.


Adding liquid nail to the back (this stuff took forever to dry! If I did it again I would get a version that dried more quickly)


Measuring it all out so the brick fits nicely is tricky! See if you can tell where I messed up!


Caulkย  or grout in the creases and don’t forget to paint over!!


Totally functional, just a little smaller


All that’s left to do is enjoy it!