Cabbage, Caraway seeds, Kosher Salt, Purified Water, Fermentation jar and lid
Cut it up! Don’t worry a ton about washing your cabbage. Rinse it off and that should be about it. You are counting on the natural yeast on the cabbage for the fermentation process.



Add Salt and Caraway seeds to taste. I usually add 1 T. Kosher salt and  1 t. Caraway seeds per head of cabbage.

You have two options after the caraway seeds and salt are in your cabbage. You can let it sit for a few hours and naturally let the salt do it’s job leaching the water from the cabbage. Or you can get working and squish it up with your hand! The choice is yours!


When you get done you should have some juicy cabbage! Make sure you’ve beat it up enough that there is a salty purpley brine at the top. You’re going to jam the cabbage down so the brine sits on top while the cabbage is safely below the brine water. Try not to have any cabbage floaters (they get moldy quick).

I don’t have one of those cool fermentation weights so I use a baggie full of saltwater. Then I screw on the lid and suck out there air and voila! In a week or so you’ll have sauerkraut!
Tastes great on a bratwurst