Cat TV

This project technically started 3 years ago as I was scrolling through craigslist looking for some good deals. I found a free tv and felt I must have it. For what I had no idea. So this tv sat in my garage for a couple of years collecting dust. My boyfriend moved in about a year ago and with him he brought two cats. Their introduction with my dogs was hit and miss but after a couple months everyone was getting along great! I thought it would be nice for me to make something to make the cats feel more at home. And that’s when I remembered the tv!

I started by busting out the glass. I didn’t take a video because I was positive I was doing it wrong. Basically I hid behind a big tarp with goggles and a mask on, and then I taped a hammer to a broomstick and hit it repeatedly until it had broken off everywhere. The scary part wasn’t so much the screen but the cathode tube which can burst and do some nasty damage. Old tv’s are cute but they are nothing to mess with. The inside of them is full of warnings labels about how you should be careful and not hit them repeatedly with a hammer duct taped to a broom stick. Also, they can apparently hold a nasty electric charge for a long time. So be careful and wear gloves and goggles until it’s completely hollowed out.

After I hollowed it out I was basically finished! Lol…. just kidding.
I spray painted the front with some spray paint primer that adheres to plastic. Then I spray painted the knobs with metallic gold spray paint, I took some of my dark wax to make them feel more vintage, and then I glued the knobs back on the tv. The paint colors I used were a mixture of paint I already had. I used chalkboard black with some dark blue I had in my basement, and then I mixed my pure white with some brown to tone it down.



$8- CAT BED– This fits perfectly inside the tv!

$13- Antiquing wax to give depth to gold knobs. I technically already had this. It has lasted me years and many projects! I was scared to use it but I have only been impressed.

$4- Gold spray paint– Again, I already had this. Can’t go wrong with Rustoleum!

$10- Matte Black Chalkboard paint– Goodness you can pay a lot for chalkboard paint these days! I just get the classic Rustoleum brand. In a pince you can just throw a few tablespoons of grout into latex paint you’ve got laying around your home. It doesn’t have to be pricey!

$7 Gorilla Glue- Don’t put it in your hair. Just use it to glue the sisal rope to the tv. This stuff is tough! My cats scratch a lot!

$5 Sisal Rope- Big ole’ roll! I have tons left over!

FREE- Base that holds the tv was just a piece of plywood from my garage painted with black chalkboard paint

FREE TV- I waited a long time for one to pop up on craigslist though! They’re out there!

All in all I only paid $30, that is mostly because I have a basement and garage filled with things!