14 things to do with old school Jesus pictures

Jesus had a good sense of humor right?
When you’ve got somewhere to be and cars wouldn’t be invented for another 1,800 years
The Last Streetfighter…. as it is written.
Jesus Christ! Look at the Time.
Jesus would surely rep the band Timbuk 3!
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I made this for my Gay Friend for his birthday. I think it’s a modern twist on a kind of offensive song. You can’t call people yellow or red! Holy buckets!
Not Today Jesus…. Not today….
Is this heaven? No, It’s Iowa. American Gothic with a theistic twist!
Did you know 50% of armadillos have leprosy? Jesus did! Here is a modern day picture of Jesus with the lepers on a Rembrandt print.
“Please send queso” Praying man.
No….probably not
If you’re going to be weird… be confident about it!
Aliens vs. Jesus
This Place Sucks! Praying man