I’d like to think I was ahead of the DIY trend. As a kid I remember gluing glitter on my bedside light and all of the outlet covers in my room. I can still smell melting modge podge and glitter as it was being heated up by light bulb during late night reading.

I still remember that moment when I learned what modge podge was. I was in the 8th grade when I brought my first bottle home. That started my affinity for collages, glitter, gluing things onto other things, and making not shiny things shiny. I’ll let you know when that phase of my life is over. As you can tell I was very popular and cool all throughout middle school and high school 🙂

Here was my modge podge blow up chair. I remember thinking I was extra cool because the modge podge made it flexible and strong so you could sit down in it without tearing the pictures.