Wooden World Map

I’m sure you have seen these being sold for loads of money even though they are relatively easy to make and only cost around $20.

All you need is:

  1. A World Map (I based my entire project out of the size of my map) Staples has some great options in general. I also do not prefer the Mercator projection because of THIS great and informative scene from West Wing.

2. A big sheet of carbon paper for tracing. Tracing was the hardest part because it was hard to see where I had traced and where I hadn’t.

3. Stain (I don’t like jell stain for projects like this! It’s too clumpy!) There I said it! I DON’T LIKE JELL STAIN!

4. Wood Conditioner (So your stain doesn’t bleed out of the lines)

5. Wood! I used pine and had them cut it for me at Lowes because I made this before I owned actual tools.

6. Love 🙂

I used two random boards from the garage and bought screws that were only long enough to go halfway through the other board. 4 eye screws with some twine in between and I called it good.
There I was, all ready to go to bed. I was going to put on a coat of wood conditioner and then go to bed. Then I read the label and it said I had 3 hours to stain after application. I had to get moving!


Now it’s just a matter of staying in the lines. It’s just like stinky water colors at this point.
Done! I didn’t put a top coat of poly on it. I was happy with the way it looked.


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