The 9-step official Pinterest and Blogging B.S. Detection Kit!

Get ready to sharpen your BS meter! Look past those stock images and catchy titles designed to lure you in! Be your own best critic in 9 easy steps!

If someone uses the word “Toxin”

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Toxins exist everywhere! Inside your body, outside your body, and everywhere else. Our livers, kidneys, bladders, colons, tear ducts, nose hairs, and white blood cells are all perfect for eliminating those “toxins” you hear so much about. If you have a proper diet and exercise ridding yourself of “toxins” is generally not something you need to worry about. Also these “toxins” have names! If someone hasn’t taken the time to research what “toxins” something is supposed to get rid of, they probably haven’t researched their product either. You can probably guarantee that product is B.S!

Anything that says “chemical free”

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Photo by Steve D via

The air we breathe and the water we drink and anything with one or more element from the periodic table is a chemical! Again! Chemicals have specific names and those names  need to be used! This is not being nit-picky! Scientists have created the new phobia called “chemiophobia” which was invented for people who automatically hate and will automatically deem anything with the word chemicals in it as “bad.” In other words actual chemists can’t use the word “chemicals” because our society has made the word chemicals a trigger word. Chemicals and their specific effects on humans are well known and if you see one you’re worried about LOOK IT UP! Either way, you can guarentee the product is B.S.

MLM’s targeted to give women “control of their own business”


Above is a great chart to try and figure out if a business is actually a MLM pyramid scheme. If any of the above sounds familiar the company is BS for sure!

Machiavellian multi-level marketing MLM business (pyramid schemes) LuLaRoe, Passion Parties, Plexus, Younique,  Beachbody, Rodan + Fields, Herbalife and yes even Pampered Chef.  AKA powerful men high at the top of the pyramid tricking women  who are lower in the pyramid into tricking other women who are the very bottom.  Keep in mind, traditional pyramid schemes do not involve an exchange of goods. Also, all retail industries are going to have a CEO who is making most of the money and people who are doing all the footwork earning the least amount of money. For example the CEO of Wal-Mart makes more in an hour than his workers make all year. However the main difference is, 99% of people that work for Wal-Mart don’t lose money every year which is the case for our MLM’s. That’s correct, 99% OF MLM’S LOSE MONEY! I’m not sure how this has not been talked about more. I’m sure a lot of you have seen your social media feeds booming with your friends and family selling clothes, (chemical free) cleaning products, face lotions, and hair products. These MLM businesses are not new either! Mary Kay and Avon were of the first followed by old school Tupperware Parties. All with the promise of giving women control and independent financial gain in their lives.  I’ve had friends get involved who were business majors making good money and understand pyramid schemes at every level, science majors who have had plenty of exposure to logical thinking, stay-at-home moms, lawyers, rich friends, less rich friends, colleagues, and even a few of my male friends who have sold cosmetic products and energy drinks. The list goes on and on and it is clear these marketing schemes are effective at targeting all sorts of people from many different walks of life. Do your research and don’t let websites like Bossbabes try and trick you. Let John Oliver help if I haven’t explained it well enough.

 If someone says something “melts fat” or, “turns fat into muscle”

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These two phrases are spoken so much that people probably forget that they are complete B.S. Remember fat and muscle are two entirely different tissues. You can have fat with lots of muscle ie. most professional weightlifters. One thing is for certain, if you lose fat tissue, you will also lose muscle tissue and some of your strength. No one can explain this better than body builders who spend half of the year eating high calories and weight training and the other half of the year cutting down for competitions where they surely lose some of their muscle mass along with their fat. This being said, lots of muscles take more calories to maintain. So if you build up that muscular base, chances are you will burn more calories throughout the day. Maybe that is what they were trying to say?

Something that claims to “Cure Cancer”

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If there is anything worse than targeting women who are trying to be independent or children who are trying to raise money for their school. It’s targeting cancer patients by getting them to use your product or click on your blog for your recipe.  While it might be true that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment, your body would never let an alkaline environment happen. Blood specifically must be at a very specific pH between 7.35 and 7.45 which is about as neutral as you can get. and if it changed to be basic (or alkaline) or acidic you would be dead even before your cancer cells would be. This is just one of the many “cures” for cancer that are going around.

People only use stock images


This is a stock photo built on lies whose sole purpose is to make everyone on pinterest feel inadequate about their skills
This is a taco turkey bowl created by a real human with realistic expectations about what dinner looks like.

Anything YOU do yourself is 1,000 times better than a stock photo. I don’t care if you burnt it or it looks like shit. Stock photos are eye catching and beautiful but made of lies. Why would I want to make a recipe where the only how-to is a stock photo? That’s not real! Get our your camera, get out your Instagram filters, and make your own art! The best thing about blogging is that it’s real! It’s not BS like we get in the stores or in cookbooks. Be as honest as possible or there is no point in having a blog. I like to test out people’s stock images. If someone has a recipe for a key lime pie and their picture is gorgeous. I type in key lime pie in my stock images in wordpress. If the picture shows up I know they are full of BS.

Weight Loss makes for great click bait

It’s easy just to sit on pinterest and pin all sorts of weightloss drink combinations in hope that one of them will work and get you to lose weight. Let me guess, it has any of the following ingredients: Grapefruit Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar (the raw kind doy), cinnamon, turmeric, or lemon juice. While these ingredients have many health benefits and might help you start your day on a healthy path, they are no magical cure for weight loss.

Indoor Herb Gardens

No drainage? Middle of the kitchen? I give these plants a week at most!
Herb 2
There needs to be holes in the bottom of the jars for drainage which would mean there would need to be something underneath them catching the water lest it get all over the floor.
Herb 3
Multiple small plants (all of which grow at least a foot tall) all with different watering needs crammed together in one pot. What could go wrong?

This one is a personal pet peeve and maybe something you do not care about at all.However, as an avid Iowa gardener who loves nothing more than to bring in plants inside for the winter I have faced the yearly struggle that herbs and other sun-loving plants simply do not tolerate the indoors. And if I see one more beautiful herb garden in the middle of a kitchen away from any window. Or even worse, large containers filled with different herbs that require different water requirements. I’m probably going to lose it!

 The only thing they blog about is blogging

Because obviously the only way to make money from blogging is by blogging about how you got started blogging about blogging. DUH! What did you REALLY do to get started?


Like the late Carl Sagan said,

Image result for Carl Sagan extraordinary claims gif

Lets make sure we are using the internet to spead the truth! Not things we wish are the truth!

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